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Washing Machines/Washers

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Home owners throughout Canada have come to discover that we're the best source for quality appliances at affordable prices. Just take a look at our selection of washers; there's a wide range of styles from top manufacturers, all priced affordably and ready to take home! It's time to transform your laundry routine with the latest washing machines from Leon's.

Upgrade your laundry experience with high-quality washing machines
We offer washers from a variety popular and premium brands such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Danby, GE, Maytag and Frigidaire.

Top-load vs. Front-load washing machines
Top load washing machines offer convenience and quick loading, making laundry a breeze. They come in various capacities to handle different loads and have a vertical drum. Since they use more water, they may be more effective for heavily soiled items but not as a gentle on delicate clothing. In contrast, front load washing machines are energy-efficient and gentle on clothes. They have larger capacities, can be stacked to save space, and provide superior cleaning. These modern machines use advanced techniques for deep cleaning while being gentle, saving on utility bills and being eco-friendly. With sleek designs, front load washers enhance any laundry room's aesthetic while delivering cutting-edge technology and excellent cleaning performance.

All the features you care about
The washers we sell come with important features and flexibility that should be taken into consideration when choosing the type of washing machine you need. Factors such as capacity, loading type (front-load or top-load), cycle options, or temperature control are all crucial when making your decision. For example, being able to control the temperature of the water can help avoid any clothing disasters – not all fabrics are made the same. At Leon’s, you can find a washer with the features you need to make the tedious task of laundry all the much easier!

Always more for less when you buy appliances at Leon's
Need a little help choosing between the washers we have available? Stop in to our store and one of our sales people will be happy to give you a hand. With expert advice, a great selection and unbeatable prices, shopping for washers has never been easier!