Storage Beds

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The Storage Bed solution for all your small space needs
Explore our extensive selection of storage beds and discover the ideal piece that combines tasteful style with efficient storage capabilities. Whether you're looking for a modern and minimal platform bed with hidden drawers or a sturdy yet practically constructed bed with built-in shelves, we have the perfect piece to expand your bedroom's storage. Each storage bed in Leons' collection is constructed with ideal practicality and different aesthetic preferences in mind.

Functionality and Style all in one Storage Bed
With different storage configurations such as under-bed drawers, lift-up mechanisms, or even adjustable shelving, our storage bed collection caters to various storage and organizational needs, allowing you to efficiently utilize every inch of space.

Styles and Trends for All Tastes
Our storage beds come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to match your personal taste and complement your existing or new bedroom furniture. From modern yet classic upholstered beds to standard wood frames, you'll find the perfect piece that seamlessly integrates into your bedroom's fashion. Explore our colour collections that also cover an extensive palette ranging from dark tones in black and brown to lighter hues like grey and beige for including an option for every customer's specific taste and style.

Find your bedroom storage solution with a 2 in 1 piece
Skip the decision- making if you are short on space between a large bed or a storage solution and opt for one of Leon's storage beds which come in many different styles and sizes. Create an even better optimized space with one of the storage beds combined with one of our selections for a mattress that can combine comfort with the ultimate practical solutions.

Invest in the organization and style of your bedroom with one of the pieces in our collection of storage beds. Browse online or explore our conveniently located showrooms to make your choice in-person. Experience the quality craftsmanship, functionality, and style that our storage beds have to offer, and create a bedroom look that reflects your unique personality while providing ample storage solutions with Leon's.