King Beds and Frames

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Discover the Perfect King Bed ideal for your Style & Comfort
If you're looking to upgrade or a first timer in the market for a stylish and cozy king bed then Leon's is the ideal place for you! Our expansive collection of King Beds comes in a variety of designs, materials and colours to go with every possible aesthetic.

Find your ideal material for your forever bed
Our king bed collection features a large array of materials to suit your taste and complement your bedroom aesthetic. If you appreciate the classical styles then look no further than our high quality and finished wood kind bed frames that come in many different polishes. If your comfort levels are more inclined towards soft and plush headboards, then Leon's has a large collection of upholstered King Beds that comes in many different fabrics. In every scenario, our collections have something for absolutely every need, taste and budget.

Explore styles and practicality in our inventory
Whether you are in the market for a king bed that is simple yet elegant or after a more practical and multi use style of a storage bed for space utilization, we are confident you will find your perfect sleeping fit in on of our King Bed offerings. If you like to keep things simple yet fashionable, explore our king platform bed designs that are perfect for use without needing a box spring or foundation. Just pair this with one of our highly comfortable mattress offerings and take your sleep comfort to the next level.

Browse and find your ideal king bed in store or online
Our collections are all available online for ease of browsing along with all details of the King Bed specifications that you may require as you look for the perfect fit. However, if you would like to see our items in person, please visit one of our stores and one of our highly knowledgeable associates will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have as well!