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Washer & Dryer Sets

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Upgrade your laundry experience with Leon's exceptional range of washer and dryer sets, designed to make laundry day a breeze while seamlessly enhancing your home's style. Whether you're looking for space-saving solutions or premium front load options, we have the perfect match for your laundry needs.

Stacked Washer and Dryers

For those seeking the ultimate convenience in a single unit, our stacked washer and dryer is a game-changer. These innovative appliances have the power of a washer and dryer in one compact unit, saving you space and time. Ideal for apartments or homes with limited laundry areas, the washer dryer combo effortlessly tackles your laundry with efficiency and versatility. 

Front Load Washer and Dryer Sets

If you're after the epitome of modern laundry luxury, our front load washer and dryer sets are designed to impress. These sets feature a sleek, space-efficient design that not only adds a touch of elegance to your laundry room but also offers superior performance. Front load washers are known for their energy efficiency and gentle yet thorough cleaning, while their matching dryers employ advanced technology to efficiently dry your clothes while minimizing wrinkles.

Top Load Washers

Leon's offers laundry machine sets with top load washers. Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with our top load washer. With their innovative design, these appliances effortlessly tackle large laundry loads while preserving the quality of your garments. Enjoy a seamless laundry experience with advanced features that ensure thorough cleaning, making these top load washers a perfect addition to any home.

Choose the Best Size & Style for You

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer washer and dryer pairs in a range of sizes and styles. From compact options perfect for cozy apartments to larger sets capable of handling the laundry demands of a busy household, our assortment caters to varying lifestyles. Choose from classic white finishes for a timeless look or opt for modern stainless steel for a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Our washer and dryer pairs are more than just appliances; they're essential to your daily routine. With features like multiple wash and dry cycles, smart technology, and efficient water usage, these sets are designed to cater to your specific laundry preferences while optimizing performance.

Invest in the future of laundry with our washer and dryer sets that perfectly balance functionality and style. Welcome an upgraded laundry experience into your home and revel in the ease and efficiency it brings.