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Product Description

This LG Appliances water filter works to reduce most contaminants and chemicals, keeping your water clean and fresh! Replace water filter every six months to ensure optimal results.

UPC: 48231783705
Product Details: Water filter for LMX28994, LMX28988, LFD20786, LFD22786, LFX21976, LFX25978, LFX25991, LFX28968, LFX28978, LFX31925, LFX31935, LFX31945, LMX21986, LMX25986, LMX25988, LMX28994, LMX28988, LMX31985, LFX25992, LFX33975, LFXS32766, LFXS30726, LFXS30766, LFXC24726, LFXC24766, LFXS24566, LFXS27566, LMXS27626 and LFXS24663.

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