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Platinum Twin XL Mattress Health Guard - Bamboo

SKU: 68900620
Naturally Healthy Sleep. The Platinum Bamboo HealthGuard Twin XL mattress protector combines a blend of natural fibers and moisture-wicking material with anti-microbial benefits to ensure you and your mattress stay healthy. 100% waterproof, this mattress protector repels stains and the Jacquard CoolSleep wicking fibre keeps you cool at night. When purchased with a mattress and used properly, the protector validates the industry-leading Leon's 200 Night Sleep Comfort Guarantee.

Unique Features

  • 100% Waterproof HealthGuard™ Protectors prevent all mattress and pillow stains. They keep your new mattress or pillow clean and stain-free. Ideal for incontinence and bed-wetting.
  • The antimicrobial mattress protector material promotes a clean and healthy environment, as it is dust mite-resistant.
  • Jacquard CoolSleep™ Wicking Fibre transfers heat and moisture away from your body.
  • Leon's Platinum® mattress protector validates the industry-leading Leon's 90 day "Sleep Tight" Mattress Guarantee, which allows for the exchange of a new mattress within 90 days - provided a Leon's Platinum mattress protector is purchase with the new mattress, and is used to keep that new mattress stain and soil-free. Note: The mattress cannot actually be exchanged until after 21 days, as research has shown that sleep habits can be formed during that time which will result in complete customer satisfaction.

Care Instructions: Machine wash in hot water with your regular detergent. Tumble dry. No harsh chemicals required.

Finish: White

Other Dimension: Fits Twin XL Size Mattress 38 x 80 inches.

Product Details:

  • Advanced comfort and protection.
  • Doctor recommended for allergen reduction, asthma, allergies and eczema.
  • Prevents mattress stains.
  • Validates new mattress warranty.
  • Lightweight means less bulk for washing.
  • Stretch-knit skirt is guaranteed to fit.