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Café Brushed Black Undercounter Refrigeration Handle Kit - CXQD2H2PNBT

SKU: 20GAC169

Product Dimensions: Depth: 12", Height: 5", Width: 32",

Elevate Your Kitchen. Reinvigorate your space with a perfectly suited accent. Designed specifically to fit your Café Built-In Dual Drawer Refrigerator, this brushed handle kit gives your appliance a unique look that elevates your style; an accent piece that compliments not just your refrigerator but your entire kitchen. If you’re looking to take your kitchen’s aesthetic to the next level, then look no further.

Product Dimensions: Depth: 12", Height: 5", Width: 32",

Unique Features

  • Brushed Black - Take sleek to a whole new level with the bold look of brushed black hardware.
  • Complete Set - Includes two custom-finished handles to create a personalized undercounter refrigerator look.
  • Professional Grade Performance - Feel delight with every touch of your appliance thanks to authentic, high quality parts that deliver an exceptional performance with every use.
  • Designed for model(s): CDE06RP2NS1, CDE06RP4NW2, CDE06RP3ND1

Care Instructions: Follow directions in use and care manual

Finish: Brushed Black


UPC: 084691844440

Warranty: Limited 1-Year Warranty

Weight: 5 lbs